5 Healthy Morning Habits You Can Start Now ( & at no cost!)

Let me know if this is you. Doesn’t like waking up, not a morning person, tired for a few hours before finally waking up after coffee (or a few cups of coffee).

There is a cure!!! It starts with you wanting to make the change, about a week to a month of healthy habit forming, and a positive mindset.

  1. Move for at least 5 minutes. Whether this is stretching in your bed still, or going to the living room and doing a few sun salutations, take a few minutes to get your body more warm, this will give you better circulation and digestion.

  2. Be grateful. Write down 5 things you are grateful for, and then say them 5 times each.

  3. Meditate. You can also add a little manifestation in there as well. What do you need? Once you know where you want your life to go, make it happen. What you think, is what will be. If you add 5 minutes everyday to say to yourself for example, “I am successful, I am working my dream job, creating my hours and pay, and I am so grateful for that.” or “I am positive. I create joy within myself and others.” Use statements that reflect that it has already happened, (I am statements).

  4. Drink a glass of water. Now I know every insta-famous or youtube famous person will tell you to drink a hot glass of lemon water, and then take a turmeric & ginger shot, and go to soul cycle and then blah blah blah, and that’s great and so healthy, but it’s not reality for a majority of our lifestyles. I’m here to tell you to just get some water in your system. Help your body flush out toxins. Theres so many other scientific reasons you need to drink water, but don’t worry as much about the temperature or whether it has a lemon or if you are drinking it too fast or too slow. Just drink water. If you get coffee on your way to work, a great option is to take a water bottle with you and sip on it as you drive to your coffee shop or just to work.

  5. Smile. When you look in the mirror make really funny faces at yourself or dance or something. Make yourself smile. Try and laugh, smile, say good morning to other people too, whatever being happy in the morning looks like. Being positive is hard, it is so easy to not look at someone on your way into your office, its harder to say hello and smile. BUT here’s the rub. It’s so worth it to be nice. It’s so worth it to make connections with people. Our mind craves it, we really need people to connect with to stay sane. It’s an amazing curse. If you are introverted like me, or simply just crabby pants in the morning start with this: smile at everyone you walk by and every few people say “good morning”. Don’t say how are you if you don’t care. That sounds harsh, but we as humans have these habitual phrases we use, but don’t hold meaning unless we give it meaning, and most of the time we don’t. If you feel compelled, as someone how they are, but phrase it like this- “How have you been recently? Anything new?” make that sound like your tone/voice and if you have the mental space to listen to how someone has been, ask. I bet it would make their day.