My fave ways to keep your clutter "kind".

What is your room filled with right now?

Photos? Art? maybe.. "stuff"? stuff everywhere?

That's okay if you have one of those or all of those- it's normal for not everything to be put away all the time! But there's really great ways to hide our natural clutter. The keys you throw on the counter. The shoes you slip off when you get inside. There's ways to cover up and there's ways to make pretty and kind to the eye. I'm going to tell you a secret too. Our normal clutter is what makes your home look lived in and adds to the emotional value of your space. Its's the difference between a house being staged and a home being a home. I'll tell you an example- my key hook by my door. If my kitchen was nice and put together, no mixing bowls on the stove, no jars, no used hand towel by the sink, it would look like no body lived there. We are humans. We have keys, shoes, and towels and so much more. The key is putting things where they look right and can be kinder to the eye.

Do you have throw blankets that don't have a place? Try a ladder leaned up the wall, or a basket next to your couch to store blankets. Baskets are also great for when you have company and you can hide all of your excess things under the blanket that sits on top! We all do it.