The Easiest Vegan/GF Cake (Pick ANY flavor!)

So I made this cake with intricate ingredients, lush flours, high end flavors, and lot’s and lot’s of steps.

It sucked.

So because I NEEDED a cake, we tried something out. I drove to target at 9:30pm (past my bedtime.) bought a two boxes of GF yellow cake mix and re-hit the kitchen to hopefully get a cake ready for my party the next day. And golly-gosh it worked. It worked SO GOOD.

Here’s the cake I made for my wedding shower that had no leftovers. Amazing.

Pretty, moist, and indulgent.

Pretty, moist, and indulgent.

What you need for a double batch recipe like I did:


  • 2 Boxes GF Yellow Cake Mix (I got mine from Target, make sure the mix is vegan, we will change up the added ingredients later)

  • 4t Extract of Choice (I chose lemon! Other great flavors would be almond, vanilla, orange, ANYTHING!)

  • 4 Bob’s Red Mill Flax Eggs (Follow how much you’ll need on the box i.e. I used two flax eggs for each box to substitute the regular eggs the box said to add because I doubled the recipe)

  • 2/3 C Vegan Butter Sticks Melted - I used Earth Balance (The box called for 1/3C per box and I used same measurements of vegan butter)

  • 1.5 C Water (my boxed caked called for 3/4C per box, so because I double it I used 1 & 1/2 C Water)

I mixed all ingredients together per box instructions, added lemon extract instead of vanilla & put all of it into a 9in diameter cake pan. Your cake pan might be different, but make sure your batter has at least a half inch to rise.

I will say this cake took a HOT minute to cook. Mine took about an hour because it was a bigger batch, but just keep and eye on it and after about 30/35 minute start checking every 5-10 if it’s done. Put a toothpick or chopstick in the center (I like chopstick because I don’t burn myself on the oven as much, HA), and if it comes out easy and clean she’s DONE! Let it cool, frost it, and serve it to all your friends who will not be able to tell that it’s GF or Vegan. They will be happy, full, and secretly doing good by eating this sustainable and healthier option cake. Woot!

If you want a great GF/V frosting, here’s the recipe I concocted:

  • 4 cups powdered sugar

  • 1 cup vegan butter or vegan cream cheese (I used Tofutti’s Cream Cheese)

  • 2-4 Tbsp water

  • 1 tsp extract of choice

  • fresh berries for topping (optional)

Mix all of it together and there ya go! I don’t have a mixer so I used a whisk and sheer willpower to get this bad boy smooth as silk. I used turmeric & beet powder to dye the frosting it’s pretty color.