Easy Ways You Can Save The World (from anywhere in the world)

  1. Be a conscious consumer: Eat out and get groceries locally, buy food that doesn’t have plastic packaging, don’t use plastic bags for bulk fruit, put it loosely in the top part of the cart, or get reusable bags. Buy from companies trying to make a positive impact on the planet. I will link some of my favorite sites in the bio!

  2. Cut back on motor vehicles: Carpooling, riding your bike to work, and so on will help save about a pound of pollutants per mile. Not only that, but the exercise that it takes you to bike or walk to your destination will promote good health physically and mentally. Doing good things feels good.

  3. Pay your bills online. Most businesses are already using this technology. Take advantage of saving the paper! Usually companies will also give you a discount for saving the trees.

  4. Go meatless: Vegetarian and vegan options are at almost every restaurant you go to. Roughly 2,000 gallons of water goes into one pound of beef. Going meatless will not only save that water, but it will also cut down on the harm and over production of agricultural animals. Meat is the number one source of water pollution, and the industry has a massive carbon footprint.

  5. Use reusables: Get a reusable water bottle, silverware set, plates, and even napkins. Bonus points if your reusable is ceramic, glass, or recycled. Every year disposable water bottles use 1.5 million barrels of oil to produce, and napkins cut down 34 million trees. It is limitless of how you can impact the planet by what you buy for everyday things. That being said, if you use glass products, never put them in the trash. Glass is very easily recyclable and can always be reused.